We thank for its visit to him to our page Web. As any modern
company we want to make its available all the information
relative to our company through Internet. We dedicated to the
purchase and gold sale, silver and diamonds in any amount and
presentation (jewelery, scrap, currencies, etc.), in addition we
bought nickel currencies copper and bronze. It supports the
recycling, the unsuitable, accumulated x-rays in houses and
archives, are a highly polluting material for the environment to
contain silver salts, recycle them by nonpolluting processes we
can extract, purify and fuse these salts thus supporting to
avoid the deterioration of our nature. We paid the best prices in
pais and improved any quotation, does not want to sell but it
needs money? Come with us and we rendered to him
immediately leaving to its articles assecurity of payment, this is
that also we worked like "Pawn Shop", quickly to obtain your
loan. If it does not know us and even it has been by Internet
since it has oido to speak for the first time of our company, we
requested to him that it is put in contact with us to expose his
desires and questions to us.

We are to its whole disposition to advise to him

Address: Ave. Madero 102 Ote. coner with Ave. Juarez  
Downtown Monterrey Mexico

tel.  (81) 83 75 09 52,  (81) 83 75 06 06  y  (81) 83 74 07 00

Mail: informes@oroyplata.com.mx
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