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Nevada World’s fourth largest gold
producer: $5.1 billion in commodities
mined in 2006

The Silver State remained the top U.S. gold producer and the
world’s fourth largest gold miner in 2006, despite declines in
gold and silver production.

2/05/07. The Nevada Division of Minerals reported that the state's mining
industry set an all-time record for the total value of mined commodities,
producing $5.1 billion in 2006, almost a $1.4 billion increase over the
previous year.

Nevada continues to be the top U.S. gold miner, contributing 78% of gold
production and 12% of world total gold production, outranked only by the
nations of South Afirca, Australia and China.

The Silver State's gold mines yielded 6.305 million ounces of gold last
year, down from 6.85 million ounces produced in 2005. Nevertheless,
because the average ounce of gold increased in value from $445/oz in
2005 to $603/oz in 2006, the total value of the gold mined last year
increased significantly to $3.8 billion, up from $3.05 billion in 2005.

Nevada's copper production in 2006 was 127.5 million pounds with a value
of $389 million based on an average price of $3.05/lb.

Silver production declined last year to 8.45 million ounces, down from 9.95
million ounces the previous year, but total production value increased
from $73 million in 2005 to $98 million in 2006, based on an average silver
price of $11.54/oz last year.

Industrial minerals produced increased in 2006 while the total value was
nearly $860 million last year, an increase from the $560 million reported in

Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons, who is a former geologist and mining
attorney, said "This increase in the value of all mined commodities
indicates Nevada's mining companies continue to make a significant and
growing contribution to the state's economy.