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Israel’s Aug. Polished Diamond
Exports -13% to $466M

Israel’s polished diamond exports fell 13 percent to $455.74 million in
August 2007, the country’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor reported
September 4, 2007.

Polished imports grew 25 percent to $305.44 million as the country’s net
polished exports (polished exports minus imports) declined 46 percent to
$150.3 million for the month.

Israel’s rough diamond imports grew 169 percent to $396.52 million in
August, while its rough exports rose 88 percent to $251.07 million. Net
rough imports (rough imports less exports) jumped ten-fold to $145.45

Israel’s August 2007 net diamond account (net polished exports less net
rough imports) fell 98 percent to $4.85 million.

For the year to date, Israel’s polished exports rose 6 percent to $4.69
billion, while polished imports rose 10 percent to $2.65 billion, bringing its
net polished exports to $2.04 billion, 1 percent higher than the same eight
month period in 2006.

Rough imports, January through August, rose 19 percent to $3.3 billion,
while rough exports increased 29 percent to $2.26 billion. Israel’s net
rough imports grew 2 percent to $1.04 billion in the first eight months of
the year 2007.

The country’s net diamond account declined by 1 percent to $1 billion.

Polished exports to the United States fell 7 percent to $2.49 billion, and all
other export destinations rose.